DOMa Kids, Architectural Workshops for Kids

The educational programme DOMa kids is based on fundamental architectural concepts.

Game, research, observation

Children aged 6 to 12 get acquainted with the elements of space (geometric, functional, symbolic), explore basic concepts of architecture (scale and proportion, axes and symmetry, perspective and view), and draw examples from everyday life, art, literature, history and mythology.

Through team games and activities that include narration and theater techniques, handicrafts and constructions, painting, drawings and photographs, children explore the limits of space, rhythm, balance, light and shadow, textures and materials, order and disorder.

This way, the "DOMa kids" workshops encourage observation, critical thinking and memory, as they activate imagination and creativity.

The perception of architecture in children's everyday lives.

In an era characterized by the extreme exposure to stimuli and information, "DOMa kids" workshops offer to children the opportunity to spot, understand and form their own ideas. Introducing architecture as a creative and important part of their lives, as well as a way to understand history, art and culture, children develop perceptional abilities where they daily live: places of education, sports and entertainment, the streets, the squares, school and home.



  • Head of Educational Program 
  • Ioanna Zacharopoulou
  • Consultants
  • George A. Panetsos 
  • Nikos Soulis
  • Facilitators
  • Irini Pyrpasos
  • Katerina Stamidi