Fala / Point Supreme hero

Fala / Point Supreme

Benaki Museum, 138 Peiraios Str
Opening hours
21 April 2024, 17:00 - 21:00


The DOMa institution, was pleased to welcome Fala from Porto and Point Supreme from Athens, in the first conference of the DOMa Lectures series, which aims to bring together architectural practices with related features in their work.

Point Supreme presented images from their early works that focus on reinterpreting the urban phenomenon of Athens in the light of recent theories and trends in architecture and urban design. They then showed a series of realized projects of recent years and the new architecture school of Marseille and developed the rationale on the basis of which they rearranged existing elements to produce new architecture.

Fala described the organisation of their practice, which consists of architects graduates from the Porto School of Architecture and graduates from other schools, with extensive international experience. They also referred to their perception of the urban landscape and infrastructure that define the environment of their own architectural interventions. They showed images of a series of projects, mostly small scale, and developed the strategy of innovative architecture with low budget and indifferent contractors through ordinary construction but very advanced design.

Both offices come from countries of the European region with a strong architectural tradition of past and recent architecture that is binding for renewal efforts. Both firms have made bold revisions of this datum, produced recognizable architectural languages and even original methods of representation and functional critique.

The lecture was followed by a discussion between the architects and Georgios Panetsos, editor of the DOMa institution, and questions from the audience.